Niu Haitao, PhD, China

Professor and Director of the Research Center for Comparative Medicine, Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, PUMC & CAMS;  

“PUMC Scholar” Professor.

Dr. Niu obtained his PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and finished his Postdoctoral training at University of Florida. He got faculty position in Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and New York University after his Postdoctoral training. He is currently a professor at Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences.

Dr. Niu’s research is focusing on the correlation between the Immune-microenvironment and gut microbiota, studying the mutual effects among the microbiome, immune cells, and cytokines, and the dysbiosis in autoimmune diseases including lupus and arthritis etc. He is also interested in the pathogenesis mechanism of autoimmune diseases, especially the role of autoreactive B cells in triggering the lupus and arthritis. Dr. Niu is member of editorial Board for several international scientific journals including Molecular Medicine, Clinical Immunology, Bioelectronic Medicine, and Animal Models and Experimental Medicine etc. He has been awarded several national and regional research grants including National Key R & D Program of China and CAMS Initiative for Innovative Medicine and published more than 30 papers in top journals including Blood, Journal of Experimental Medicine etc.